Custom Designed Jewelry

Reflect Your Personal Style

Welcome to Diamonds On Wabash, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship. Discover our tailored custom jewelry design services for those who appreciate genuine artistry. Nestled in the heart of Chicago, our team eagerly awaits to transform your vision into reality. Whether it's the elegance of bridal pieces, contemporary styles, or a unique creation, join us on a journey crafted just for you. Swing by today to explore the possibilities. Our friendly experts are ready to assist you in creating a masterpiece that's distinctly yours.


Step into our showroom at Diamonds On Wabash, and you're on a journey from envisioning to holding your dream piece. Our skilled in-house design professionals work closely with you, refining your concept by highlighting crucial elements and ensuring practicality. Once the sketch is finalized, we provide a detailed estimate before seamlessly progressing to the precise digital rendering process. At Diamonds On Wabash, we blend creativity with precision to craft your dream piece, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

The CAD design process leads to a 3D printing of your design, which creates a replica of your custom jewelry in wax. The wax model allows you to give your jewelry a final once-over look, approving it for the final step. As we approach the final stage, our experts guide you through selecting the finest materials, whether it's platinum and flawless sapphires or heirloom diamonds. You'll always see your custom jewelry made perfectly when you work with Diamonds On Wabash.


As a trusted member of the Chicago community, Diamonds on Wabash is the preferred jeweler for those seeking exceptional care for their custom designs. Alongside our curated collection of top designer pieces, visit our showroom today to explore a range of bridal jewelry, fashion pieces, and GIA-certified diamonds. Additionally, we are delighted to offer services to keep your new custom jewelry radiant for years to come. Contact us at 312.332.3133 or visit our Chicago, Illinois location, where the brilliance of craftsmanship awaits you!