Pear Cut Rings

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      Characteristics of Pear Shape Rings
      A dazzling unique cut, a pear shaped engagement ring is a hybrid with a rounded side like an oval and a pointed side like a marquise diamond. They are often referred to as the teardrop. Due to their bottom-heavy shape, they are great for smaller jewels, as they look larger than they are. For larger gems, they allow for a more elegant, sophisticated appearance. A vintage favorite with a mid-century appeal, these types of rings are fantastic as a solitaire, with a halo, or with side stones as well. A pear shaped ring is for the person who enjoys different aesthetics than traditional styles.

      Popular Pear Shape Ring Collections
      Celebrate the extraordinary detail of Simon G. with the incredible engagement rings this brand creates. The pear shape rings in the Neo collection have delicate filigree and inside inlays. The collection’s name evokes images of the new and modern, and it delivers with intricate metalwork and striking mixed metal combinations. The thick diamond-lined rows of the Passion collection frame the striking pear shaped center stones. The subtle yet diamond side stone rings in the Delicate collection have matching bands, while the thinner details make the center stones look even larger. Rings by Simon G. will suit any person’s aesthetic, especially if they pursue unique and innovative designs.

      An exceptional family-led company, Gabriel & Co. Bridal creates amazing rings that are spectacular with sparkle and modern charm. The halo engagement rings this brand produces are stunning works of art with intricate details and glittering pear shaped diamonds. Founded in 1978, Coastal Diamond makes subtle but sophisticated designs for people across a broad range of lifestyles. Pear shape rings in the Charisma collection feature stellar workmanship and sparkle with a beautiful glow that many will love. Wearing a pear shaped diamond engagement ring will make everyone smile every time they catch a glimpse of a wonderful ring.

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      On the famed Jewelers Row in Chicago, we are proud to house the finest pear shaped engagement rings of all cuts and styles at Diamonds on Wabash. Our talented staff is ready to assist you with the best customer service along with our designer products, whether it is an engagement ring or a silver chain necklace. We are proficient with jewelry and watch repairs and can restore your pieces to their original glory. Have us construct a custom design to suit your engagement ring desires. Contact us to book a personalized appointment or with questions about your shopping experience.