Men's Wedding Bands


      Characteristics of Men's Wedding Bands
      Men's wedding bands are a tradition that goes back to the late 1800s. While women have worn wedding bands since ancient times, men only begun wearing coequal bands relatively recently. While they started off as simple gold pieces of jewelry, recent trends in artistry and design have allowed an explosion in the features and precious materials used in the creation of men's bands. While we at Diamonds on Wabash offer traditional men's wedding bands, we also offer a wide variety of creative new designs that will not only resonate with a man's personal aesthetic tastes but match the wedding band of his wife-to-be perfectly.

      Popular Men's Wedding Band Collections at Diamonds on Wabash
      Benchmark is a fascinating designer, particularly because of the way that the brand takes traditional wedding band designs and creatively re-envisions them. The minimalist choices of Benchmark include the traditional 18k yellow gold and burnished diamonds that are perfectly cut to add a bit of sparkle without being too distracting, but they also include cobalt, titanium, and other exotic metals that are made for men who need a metal that's manual labor-friendly. Nevertheless, if you want something that's well-crafted, durable, and reflective of a man with excellent tastes, we here at Diamonds on Wabash suggest choosing a Benchmark band.

      CrownRing, another genius designer, takes the concept of a men's wedding band and adds truly iconic patterns and designs to them. One of the most exotic choices from CrownRing is the Rope collection, which is designed in such a fashion that precious metal ropes either side of the face of the band—or is hidden on the underside as a secret, cool detail made to accentuate the rose, yellow, or white gold of the bands. But speaking of iconic patterns, check out the men's bands that feature the brushed gold that CrownRing is famous for. It's an eye-catching crackled ice design that naturally hides scratches that tend to accrue on a man's gold wedding band.

      Why Shop for Men's Wedding Bands at Diamonds on Wabash?
      Diamonds on Wabash is a trusted member of the Chicago jewelry scene thanks to our ability to bring the highest-quality jewelry to our customers. Our collections of men's wedding bands are second to none, and if you're interested, our women's bridal jewelry is an elegant pairing with the bands we carry. Also, our selections of fashion jewelry, including fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, make a beautiful choice for a gift. If you're in need of men's wedding bands or white-glove services, contact us at 312.332.3133 or visit us at our Chicago, Illinois showroom today!