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Jo E.Chicago, IL -5/12/2012 - We are so pleased with this place we will be purchasing our wedding bands and my anniversary band here! Thank you again Silvia!
Andrew D. Chicago, IL - 7/27/2012 - Very professional, friendly and reliable service! The staff is very courteous. The price was very reasonable as well.
Sahar S. Naperville - 4/2/2012 - A real first class business! Thank you Ladies!!!!
Kathy N. Chicago, IL - 2/27/2012 - We love the quality of service and jewerly here. My ring is absolutely gorgeous and I love showing it off!
Lisa J. Des Plaines, IL - 2/23/2011 - Now I have my ring that I love enough to wear every day for the rest of my life.
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As Chicago's premier jeweler, Diamonds on Wabash wants to provide you with the selection of jewelry, customer service, and satisfaction you deserve while making important jewelry purchases. We specialize in diamond engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants, and custom mountings. In addition to diamonds, we also have a vast array of sapphire, emerald, and ruby pieces, and much more to suit your needs. Diamonds On Wabash is truly a one-stop shop, with a wide selection of jewelry pieces and services that will meet whatever needs you have.

When you walk into the store, we strive to succeed in finding the perfect product for you. Our customer service and expert knowledge is guaranteed to leave you feeling like a friend of Diamonds On Wabash.

Jewelers Row Chicago

Diamonds On Wabash is located in the heart of the iconic Jewelers Row district on Wabash Avenue in Chicago. Among the many different jewelers in the area, we pride ourselves as the premier jeweler providing consistently fantastic customer experiences. Our expert knowledge on all things jewelry and the best customer service around ensures you will not be disappointed.

We are here to help you with your jewelry needs. Please contact us at 312-332-3133 or email us at to make an appointment.